Mikhail Rims
The Livery
June 22, 2008

Mikhail Rims is a member of the Livery and a friend of Yocto Angstrom, noted for his work in The Livery and the Knowthing community. Rims is known for his erotica, both written and filmed.


Rims took his name from an Ecstasy-fueled experience he once had. He said that as he was getting into his friend Sodelal Yelts' car one evening, he was fascinated by the rims on the car, and he kept insisting that an Aristotelian world would begin with the construction of the perfect design within a circle. Rims said in an interview in Edge that "the circle represents the course of infinity, and the design is a semiotic note upon the complexities within infinity. A car rim is a prime example of this, endlessly cycling and rotating in its shape."


Rims has produced a number of well-known erotic films and literature focusing on dominant and submissive sexual relationships. His most noted work is an adaptation of A Midsummer Night's Dream which focuses on the sexual relationships between the characters. He has also adapted films based on the short stories of Conor Fess and written a number of original screenplays. Many are available on his website for a small subscription fee.