The Livery
July 22, 2008


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Cypherpunks is a seminal Knowthing band comprising of common-law husband and wife Dylan and Carol Klein which focuses on electronic music. The band is often described as "factory industrial" for incorporating actual factory sounds such as beams clanging against each other which are used as percussion tracks in their music.

The bands named is a portmanteau based off of the "cyberpunk" genre. The prefix "Cypher-" means "relating to codes or codebreaking."

The Kleins are also noted for controversies surrounding their personal life, even within the Knowthing community.

Personal Life

Dylan and Carol Klein met in the mid 1980s in what Conor Fess described as the Neo-Salir BDSM scene. Fess describes meeting both Dylan and Carol near the beginning of their relationship in his Journals.